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Home Life

To Arrange A VisitOur home staff provide an atmosphere that is relaxed, homely and friendly.

Residents make decisions about their daily life and our staff are there to support them.

Our support is geared around the resident’s needs, wishes,  preferences and encourages independence.

We actively encourage Family/Friends to see our homes as their relative’s homes because that is what it is.

Resident’s bedrooms are their own private space personalisation of their room is encouraged.

Some of the comments our relatives have made: 

‘I am very happy in this home.’

‘This home is very clean.’

ALA Care Homes‘You’ve only got to ask and the staff will get you anything.’

‘I came for an assessment and I just stayed. I didn’t want to leave once I’d seen this place.’

‘The staff brings your tables to you. They’re very good like that.’

‘The food’s good. There’s always a choice at dinner between two things. If you said you didn’t like either of them they’d make you something else.’

‘I have cereal and toast in the morning but I can have a cooked breakfast if I want.’

‘If something was wrong I’d tell the staff or the manager.’

‘One of the care workers has helped me a lot. She has helped me in every way.’